Wednesday, August 29, 2012

what to do this week !

get fancy and drive around like a woohoo !!
get a tattoo

hug a huge teddy bear

go shopping xp

watch true blood !!

26131415_largeFuck it! I'm YOUNG♥
drink redbull in the beach !!

try a new hair color  ! 

How to dye your hair tips with kool aid

dyed hair tips
Photo: WikiHow

You'll need about 1 packet of kool aid for just dyeing the tips of your hair, and about 3-6 packets depending on the length of your hair if you want to dye the whole thing.
Make sure you're prepared for a mess. Like mainstream hair dyes, kool aid can stain fabrics so have an old towel or bin liner handy to protect yourself and the world at large from stains.
Mix the kool aid up with a little bit of water to form a paste, and add a drop or two of conditioner to help it permeate the hair.
Work the paste into your hair, starting with the roots. When you're done, wrap your head in clingfilm (or just your hair tips in tin foil) and leave the mixture in overnight, or for about 8-10 hours.
Rinse your hair (yes to conditioner, no to shampoo) and dry.


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  2. How many washes will it stay in???