Friday, August 3, 2012

transparent bags

I've recently developed an addiction to transparent bags ! i love them ! i want to share those amazing bags with you guys . i honestly think they look so modern and they are also versatile as you can use them for many occasions and purposes ! and it would be much easier to find that buried phone in your purse ! 

furla candy bags

furla candy bags collection is just adorable and chic !

you can wear a cute summer dress or a white tee and  jeans with a pair of nice heels and trust me the bag will be the wow factor !











Prada Crystal

who wouldn't love a luxurious prada bag !

  i think  this simple Burberry dress would  be perfect if your looking for an easy but still look chic kind of style, I'm not a big fan of clustering designer brands all over the place that's why i would always go for simple and clean looks

Charlotte Olympia Pandora Feather Clutch

don't over mix prints  you don't wanna look vulgar, if the bag has a print on it go for a dress that is simple and plain and vise versa! the little details on this white dress will do !






Kiss of the Spider Woman: Charlotte Olympia Lucite Clutch

im just in love with this clutch , its just what you need to complete your outfit looking very elegant and expensive ! you can pop on a black blazer with a gold sequin shirt or dress .








Valentino studded clutch

edgy and classy glass looking clutch ,with this fabulous shimmering gold sequin dress from

Red Valentino's.


  D&G travel tote

this classy and practical bag will just make your life much easier at the airport! you want to always look your best even if your traveling .



this bag is great because it has a little pouch inside this way you don't have to share whats in your bag with the whole world, specially the private things ! it perfectly fit with your resort wear specially if your going on a cruise .


I've included few links for you guys if you want to do your own transparent bag ,this could be a fun project and you don't have to spend any money




i still don't have the link for the last one but i think i have an idea on how its done , as soon as i figure it out i will post a tutorial or something ! 


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