Thursday, August 2, 2012

dress for your body type

its very important to know the colors and the shapes that will complement your body , i'm here to help you figure out the best way to do that.there are different body shapes, if you don't know whats yours check out the link bellow .


petite woman can come in all sizes , its really more about height than weight , petite girls are usually around 5’4” or under . you have to be careful what to wear and always keep in mind that you have to elongate your lower half! 
stay away from :
baggy cloths ,long jackets , high waisted trousers , deep waist bands .

what to look for while shopping .
wear a skirt or a dress that is a couple of inches above the knee length.



black heels with black leggings or tights will  add length to your legs.

wearing black boots will elongate your legs and will  give a delusional height

invest in a good looking  comfy pair of heels ! i honestly think wedges are the best !


 go for wide dark wide legged trousers that can be paired with tunic tops

from Debenhams 

Plus size clothes: Black zig zagging colour block maxi dress £60 – Navy Striped Outer 2 In 1 Cardigan £42 – Drawstring Trousers £45

From Ann Harvey
A beautiful purple chiffon blouse with black lace panels at the shoulder and wrist. Complete with a black cami.

 color wise, try to match the bottom half with the top half
 focus on the shape and length, don't limit your self in black or dark colors to look slimmer

check out Ann Harvey,Anna Scholz,specialists in plus size fit

 by Ann Harvey

 pear shaped


 if you are pear shaped , congrats ! it should be easier for you to balance,the hour glass is the silhouette that everyone should be trying to achieve and you've got it . 

balance your top half with your bottom half , if you don't have a large bust , get a padded bra to gain the balance, break up your silhouette length wise as well as width wise.



dress and black skirt are  from asos

elongate from waist to ankle and wear heels where 



 jeans and kaftan 

bracelets and a lot of bangles for styling

 long jackets

rock the 1930s tea dresses

 what to avoid !

pencil skirts , prints or horizontal stripes on bottom half

 + avoid

shrunken jackets , they basically cut your body into half's and the focus will probably be on unpleasant areas .

+ avoid

boxy trousers, these pants are done for girls with less hips , you already have them no need to emphasis last thing you want is to look plumpy


 + avoid

short skirts , light colors on your bottom half ,knickerbocker and high waists .

 skinny and tall :

 **large and tall : stick to one color but break up your lines with different textures and fabrics 

you can also go to this link
this website specialises in taller  


if you want to create the illusion of curves , go for a dress or a skirt with ruffles

bare arms and clean look will balance the ruffles 


your free to layer as much as you can without having to worry much.

Motley Layered Fashion 5 

cardigans / fitted pants / color / patterns


avoid over sized  bulky , boxy jackets they will make you look masculin
, croped jackets with prints

if you have any question or need me to post names of shops or if you are looking for something specific , please feel free to contact me . thank you

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