Sunday, September 16, 2012

my collective haul

my favorite cosmetics !

im in love with this palette , the colors are amazing !!! they are pigmented and long lasting !  i got it from sephora !

i also love the colors in the naked palette , earthy and nude tunes ! 

i got almost all the blushes in  l'occitane , they give a very natural look!

Givenchy MatMate Powder Foundation

candles , lotions , soaps and scents .

my rings- bracelets  collection

Friday, September 14, 2012

beauty tips

beauty tips i came across recently that i would like to share !
the products Ive included works best for me, but remember every1 has different skin !

- Use cleansers at night to remove make up and dirt before using a face wash.

i personally like M.A.C wipes they are pretty good and they dont hurt your eyes, doesn’t cost too much and they don't dry out too quickly due to packaging design flaws.

my favorite face wash It unclogs pores, and clears the face from dirt and bacteria..   

Use sunscreen everyday even if you are indoors - the sun's UVA rays come through windows too and contribute to aging, pigmentation and tanning. Ideally, sunscreen should be applied every three hours.
Make up products like foundations, mineral powders and compacts do not have adequate sun protection.

i apply it before and after make up after sanitizing  my  hands for sure !

Wella SP!! shampoos, hair masks and conditioners are all great a bit pricey though , but worth it ! it repairs and hydrates the damaged hair . there is a  link below for more info
 make up tips ! from Marie Claire

- for Perfect Brows

Before you tweeze, brush the brow hairs straight up with a spooly (mascara-style) brush. Trim any long hairs — or hairs that are growing straight down — with a pair of brow scissors. Have two pairs of tweezers ready: A slant-tipped pair is good for thick hairs; a needle-nose-tipped pair grabs shorter, hard-to-reach ones.
eyebrow brush
Brow Diva Duo Brush , $19

Fill 'Er Up

 Pick pencils wisely. If you're…
· Blonde, match your darkest brow hairs to add definition.
· Going gray, use a taupe color to avoid dull tones.
· A redhead, go with sable.
· Brunette, choose a color one shade lighter than your hair to soften skin tone.


clinique brow pencil
Clinique Instant Lift for Brows in Soft Blonde , $15.


Finishing Touches

After filling them in, add definition and shine with a clear brow gel. A light slick of Vaseline also does the trick. To get a fuller, Brooke Shields-esque look, brush the thickest part of your brows, near the inner corner, straight up before applying gel. For extra color, use a tinted brow gel.


nyc brow kit
use Shu Uemura Eye Brow Gel, $24; N.Y.C. Brush-On Brow (shown), $3.99.


 Nail Essentials 

Cuticle Oil

Dr. Haushka Neem Nail Oil, $39.95, is the MVP in her kit. "It nourishes and heals hands and nails like nothing else," she says. "If you had only two items in your manicure kit, it should be a cuticle oil and a glass nail file."



Glass nail file

 gentle on the nails, easy to clean, and will last a lifetime if cared for properly



Heel lotion

Even if you've created pretty toes, cracked heels can ruin all of your pedicure efforts. Avoid this by using a moisturizing heel lotion

CND Cucumber Heel Therapy, $15. It's light and absorbs into skin immediately


The best base nail polish coat

Butter London's Nail Foundation Flawless Base Coat, $18, can fix any bumps, odd tints, or flakes.

Foot scrub

a gentle yet effective foot scrub that isn't sticky or irritating like others can be. Plus, it has a mint essence that is fresh and invigorating."

Ole Henriksen Rub N' Buff Salt Scrub, $48.




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